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ThePowerOfSelfEVOLution with KarenLoveLee

Sharing #GiftsOfWisdom with YOU, allowing your BRILLIANCE to shine! “From Suicide To Self-Love To Purpose,” #ThePowerOfSelfEVOLution healed Karen Love Lee’s life from chronic depression, self-hatred, self-sabotage and double suicide...The death of her youngest sister in 2006, and Karen’s own suicide attempt in 2008. Desperately searching for “The Meaning of Life,” since early childhood, Karen finally magnetized her Divine Calling along her journey of SELF-Realization...#EmpoweringYOU by listening, living, and learning vicariously through tragedy to triumphant stories of #Courage #Perseverance #DivineIntervention #BlindFaith #IndomitableWill #RealRawRelatable #Compelling #Vulnerable #Confronting #Freeing #Rewarding #Magical #OwnYourGenius

DISCLAIMER: Karen Love Lee's soul/sole purpose is to empower human beings through her personal experiences and what transformed her own life.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

  • Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Available 24 hours everyday

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Mar 28, 2020

Powerfully prosperous lessons I learned and triumphs I created going through 2008 crash, which includes the downturn lag-effect years that inevitably followed..... Now, it’s a new version of #DejaVue but with the past experience of mind-blowing successes! Be victorious, not a victim at the effect of uncontrollable uncertainty. 

We don't need toilet paper as much as the capabilities to flush the hidden past crap down the drain while filtering out the rich lessons learned to continue growing and thriving regardless of unprecedented circumstances. 

Our mental state and health are of utmost importance and PRIORITY 1, especially in unpredictable times like these simply because overreacting is automatic in the face of the UNKNOWN. This is when our mind plays wicked tricks on us the most! The worst part is it’s NOT obvious!!! This is because it’s hidden in the subconscious mind with no conscious awareness. 

The more we understand our own mind, the more level-headed we are in chaotic times and great times without thinking the worst, which kills off love, happiness, joy, well-being, prosperity and sustainable success.

Keep an empowering perspective! Own your willpower, inner-strength, and resilience! Stand in your power and persistence. We are all in this together, and it’s yet another wake up call for humanity to evolve in the name of love and unity. #KarenLoveLee

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