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ThePowerOfSelfEVOLution with KarenLoveLee

Sharing #GiftsOfWisdom with YOU, allowing your BRILLIANCE to shine! “From Suicide To Self-Love To Purpose,” #ThePowerOfSelfEVOLution healed Karen Love Lee’s life from chronic depression, self-hatred, self-sabotage and double suicide...The death of her youngest sister in 2006, and Karen’s own suicide attempt in 2008. Desperately searching for “The Meaning of Life,” since early childhood, Karen finally magnetized her Divine Calling along her journey of SELF-Realization...#EmpoweringYOU by listening, living, and learning vicariously through tragedy to triumphant stories of #Courage #Perseverance #DivineIntervention #BlindFaith #IndomitableWill #RealRawRelatable #Compelling #Vulnerable #Confronting #Freeing #Rewarding #Magical #OwnYourGenius

DISCLAIMER: Karen Love Lee's soul/sole purpose is to empower human beings through her personal experiences and what transformed her own life.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

  • Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Available 24 hours everyday

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Apr 19, 2019

A vital practice of owning our genius is to re-presence past breakthrough successes no matter how small, backed by objective proof. This is necessary every step of the way--especially when we don’t see tangible results. The weird thing is that we can’t see them because our brain hides these wins from us the more pressure we’re under. Ironically, this is when we need to remember them the most!! Listen as I explain why and how to counteract this with an actual case study and client.

Kris shares his before, during and after coaching successes, while I remind him of the evidence to back it up. He actually admits not remembering all of the miracles, which is the very point of this podcast! I also share how I often do this in my own life, even when I’m staring at my successes right in front of me. This is crazy-making, yet part of being human! Perfect example of our mind playing tricks on us. By understanding this phenomenon, we have the sustainable power to act in accordance with our passions and dreams regardless of our circumstances.

Through our coaching together, Kris has become a magnet in every area of his life ~ relationships, health, well-being, career, money, passion, purpose ~ with the least amount of effort.